Friday, September 16, 2011

The Columbus Museum welcomes new Director of Development

Welcome from Columbus Museum Director, Tom Butler:

Museums are known by two major programs: their collections, which are their reason for existing, and their educational programming to make their collections accessible to their public. It takes talented people to make both things happen successfully; curators who find and secure the objects and curators to develop the varied and interesting programming that provides a context for the acquired object and shows its relevance to the Museum’s membership or community. The real champion in this process is the staff person or persons who seek out the financial support to insure that it really can take place. That role falls to the Museum’s development department.

I am pleased to announce that the Columbus Museum has hired Donna Atkins as the Director of Development. In that role, Donna will oversee the Museum’s total fundraising and revenue/support activities, which includes grant writing, membership, community sponsorships, capital and long-range patronage and annual event fundraising. She is assisted in this position by some very talented staffers who deal more specifically with certain aspects of the larger responsibilities just cited. One of Donna’s first tasks will be to fill the currently vacant position of Marketing and Media Manager. The job description is posted on the Museum’s website and if you know of such a qualified person, please encourage them to send their credentials to Donna Atkins at We welcome Donna to the Columbus Museum staff and look forward to working with her to further enhance the Museum’s wonderful partnerships with our supporters.

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